Heather Haynes


18" x 18"


About Yggdrasil Series
Yggdrasil is an important feature of Norse mythology. It is the Norse tree of life, encompassing all nine worlds that are part of the ancient Norse view of the cosmos. It is an ash tree in which all of the worlds, including the world of humans and the world of the gods, nestle among the branches and roots. While the spelling of ''Yggdrasil'' can seem a little daunting for English speakers, the pronunciation is not actually very challenging: the word is pronounced ''IG-drah-sill.'' While the etymology of Yggdrasil is somewhat contested, one theory is that it means ''Tree of the Horse of Odin'' from Yggr, meaning Odin, and drasill meaning horse.

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More than 18 years ago I was painting alone in my studio space. I was at the point of great discovery in my art process, so much time ahead for me creatively... I felt less pressure then. During this evening, I felt the presence of my late Grandfather hovering behind me. In this moment, I painted black spray paint over a lace fabric stencil onto a yellow canvas… what appeared before me was a line of trees descending off into the background. I knew at that very moment I had connected to something beautiful.

The tree series brought me great success in the studio and helped me create a name as an artist.

Trees into Forests

International Acclaim

Haynes has been creating works in this collection since 2004. This body of work brought her international acclaim. Her pieces are in collections across North America and The United Kingdom.