Wall of Courage

Wall of Courage

If you have had the opportunity to witness Wall of Courage and experience an overwhelmingly profound sensation - perhaps open-heartedness, gratitude, love, empathy, inspiration, or all of these at once! - then you will know the feelings that I feel every time I think about these children on the Wall.  It has taken me a long time to be able to come around to a place where I feel I am able to "let these little birds fly out of their nest".  I can do this now because I know the children are in a good place.  Their basic needs have been fulfilled, they have community and live mostly happy lives now.  They are the 'veterans' who come to the aid of the younger orphans and welcome them into the Tchukudu Kid Family.  I know now they will be alright, so I am ok to loosen my grip and share them with others who will love them as I do. 
~ Heather

In 2020 Wall of Courage was solicited to the prestigious UTA Artist Space in Beverly Hills, to anchor the Human Element of "Emergency on Planet Earth: In A Time Close To Now", curated by UTA Artistic Director, Arthur Lewis.
Read more about the Wall of Courage here.

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Haynes creates social justice art tackling issues of gender inequality. She believes that the most certain way for our world to recover environmentally, economically and socially, is to support, empower, and educate young girls; and yet females continue to face inequality, violence and fear, especially in developing countries.