The Art of Courage

Harnessing the humanizing power of art to be a catalyst for change.

A nonprofit for the most vulnerable. The Art of Courage is a platform for storytelling through art to create awareness, educate, advocate, and raise funds to change lives. A percentage of Haynes' sales support The Art of Courage and ongoing projects in Africa.


The Beginning

Haynes’ commitment to the women and children of the Democratic Republic of Congo came after her second visit to the city of Goma in 2012.  After spending a few days with women who were waiting or healing from fistula surgery at HEAL Africa Hospital, feeling completely helpless, she vowed to use her talents to do “something” to help them.

During that same trip, Heather was introduced to Kizungu Hubert. Kizungu was caring for 16 orphaned children in Goma, DR Congo. Though they spent less than 1 hour in conversation, they promised to keep in touch with each other through email.

For 4 months Heather and Kizungu shared emails. Kizungu continued to educate Heather on the events that were transpiring in DR Congo and the plight of the children that were victims left behind by the ongoing violence that was taking lives each and every day.

It was on the day that the city of Goma was raided by rebel soldiers and Heather learned of the impending eviction of the children from their home, she decided she must do something. With the help of family and friends, Heather was able to gather together enough money to build a new home for the soon homeless children.

In the end it took almost 8 months and required a bit more fundraising, but on January 10, 2013 the children moved into their new home - The Tchukudu Kids Home. However, instead of 16 children there were now 80!

The Wall of Courage art installation depicts these 80 children.

In 2018, Haynes and others established a non-profit corporation called The Art of Courage as a platform for storytelling through art to create awareness, educate, advocate and raise funds to change lives.

The Art of Courage Supports

The Tchukudu Kids Home

The Tchukudu Kids Home provides shelter, food, safety, education, and lots of love, to 140 orphaned children in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was established in 2013.

The youngest children live in the Home and the older children live with Welcome (Foster) Families in the community.

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The Jonathan Holiday School

There are currently 384 students enrolled in grades 1 through 8. All elementary school-aged children from Tchukudu Kids Home attend JHS.

In addition, mothers from the Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre and from the Welcome Families can send their own children to JHS for free too.

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