Heather Haynes

Wall of Courage: Kashali


Own a piece of history by collecting the elements of the iconic Wall of Courage and help in the fight to reduce poverty in Democratic Republic of Congo.

About Wall of Courage

Wall of Courage is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and a testimony to humankind’s disposition for benevolence. This pivotal piece is the culmination of 25 years on a creative journey that has led Haynes down a path where she has witnessed unrelenting and overwhelming circumstances. This breathtaking homage to these Congolese children illuminates the dire situation faced by countless youth in our world today. The scale of the artwork embodies our obligation of upholding human dignity while working toward the betterment of our planet.

Through selling these pieces we plan to build the additional 3 classrooms on The Jonathan Holiday School in Goma, DR Congo.

  • Mixed media
  • Single painting
  • 24" x 36"

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honouring the resilience of the human spirit


The Beginning

A Chance Encounter

In 2012, Heather Haynes met Kizungu Hubert while sitting on the patio at Ubumwe Hotel in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Working side by side, they eventually struck up a conversation, and Heather learned Kizungu was caring for 16 orphaned children in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Upon learning about Kizungu’s tireless efforts to give these children a safe home, Heather felt called to help however she could. From that moment on, she worked alongside Kizungu, helping him raise the funds to build a home for the children. The home, now called the Tchukudu Kids Home, was completed in 2013.

Inspired Action

Wall of Courage is Born

When fundraising began for the Tchukudu Kids Home in 2012 there were 16 orphaned children to care for. By the time construction was finished, one year to the day of the initial meeting, there were 81 children!

It was these 81 children who became the inspiration for a body of work that is Wall of Courage, an eighty panel installation honouring the resilience of the human spirit.

Through a series of touring exhibitions, Wall of Courage has been the impetus to raise awareness and funds in the fight to eradicate poverty through education and healthcare, in communities in and around Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Wall of Courage is 80 panels, each measuring 24 x 36 inches. When assembled it measures at 40 feet wide by 12 feet high.

social justice through art

A decade later...

In 2018, Heather came to the realization she had brought this project as far as she could alone. The Art of Courage, a Canadian non-profit, was formed to help provide structure and guidance and propel the idea of art being used as a catalyst to create change.

In 2020, Wall of Courage was invited to the prestigious UTA Artist Space in Beverly Hills, to anchor the Human Element of "Emergency on Planet Earth: In A Time Close To Now", curated by Arthur Lewis.

In 2022, The Common Thread, a Canadian short film, touches on the inspiration, creation and realization the project. The film went on to be an Official Selection at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Nickel Independent Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival and the San Diego International Film Festival.

More than a decade after the initial meeting with Kizungu, Haynes continues to create social justice art in order to raise awareness and funds for the community in Goma.

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