Heather Haynes

Peace, Strength, and Equity


Growing up many girls are given bright, shiny, dolls in towering boxes. Objects to admire behind a plastic window. Posed demurely and on display.

Layered over existing canvases calling for truth, I started by adding three young girls in power poses. These panels represent how young girls and women SHOULD be seen. We are not objects. We are powerful, strong, leaders. ⁠For the world to find peace women need equity. To be achieved and sustained, we must find the strength to make real structural and systemic changes.⁠

  • Mixed Media
  • 30" x 72" each (90" x 72" for triptych)
  • Sold as individual panels or as a set of 3
Panel: Entire Triptych

Pickup available at Heather Haynes Studio

Usually ready in 24 hours

Panel: Entire Triptych