Heather Haynes



Original artwork on canvas

When the global pandemic hit, it levelled the playing field in so many ways.  All over the world people were going through the same thing.  If nothing else, maybe it made things more relatable for us.  It brought out humanity in so many of us.  When I say us, I mean humans of the world.  It will take all of us to work together to conquer this pandemic.  It will also take all of us to eradicate prejudice and racism in our world.  These children in Goma, DR Congo are doing their part to help put an end to both of these global issues.  They wear their masks.  They practice distancing.  They hold no prejudice against any human.  We can surely learn from these children.

BOBOTO stands for PEACE in DR Congo.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will go to help the women and children of DR Congo.

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