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Heather Haynes



Mixed media on canvas
36" x 36"

About Air
The element of Air represents communication, curiosity, and initiative.

About this series
This series was inspired by a project Whitney Haynes, Suzy Lamont and I worked on for International Women’s Day in 2020. We photographed girls and women in our local community with the words "Don’t tell me I can’t” written on their arms. The quote, originally from one of my previous canvases, is about not telling me that I can’t do something. I want all young girls and women to feel empowered to say those words.

This project was extended to Goma by Lucienne. She photographed the young girls from the Tchukudu Kids Home in power poses and/or with the words “Don’t tell me I can’t.” These poses and words are especially poignant in DRC. As an orphaned child in the middle of a conflict zone in the DRC… she will be told at every corner what she can not become and what she can not achieve. I want to shed light on this current reality. I believe in a future world where she believes and has the ability to become whatever she dreams to be.

These girls from the Tchukudu Kids Home are coming of age. They have the support of Lucienne, the photographer and former Tchukudu child. We can give these girls more opportunities and hopefully they will become part of a greater global shift toward equality. Each painting is tied to an element of nature. It represents the idea that every element, and every person, needs to be treated equally for our society to function as a whole.

Images from this series were taken by Lucienne.

10% of proceeds are donated to The Art of Courage.

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