Heather Haynes | Artist

Haynes is an internationally known artist who has been painting professionally for 27 years. Her art is a catalyst to create change, to educate, inspire and promote positive actions. 

Currently, at the confluence of her inner world and the uncertainties of our outer world, Heather is creating her most bold, confident and meaningful work, with a definite nod to street art while maintaining her advocacy for human rights.

Jeff Montgomery | Assistant

Initially, Jeff’s career path took him down the road of science based work, while being employed by a large corporation, specializing in research and development. When Heather’s career trajectory took an upward climb, Jeff left the science world and took the fork in the road that pointed towards art based work. Being an avid musician, this felt more aligned with Jeff’s life purpose, so it was an easy decision to make. Jeff tries to support Heather by tackling the elements of their businesses that allow Heather to spend more time in her studio, creating art.

Whit Montgomery | Resident Artist

This summer Whit Montgomery will be working from our studio. A student at Concordia University who just finished his 4th year of study, Whit is already a veteran of the art exhibition world.  He has been exhibiting since the age of 16 and has had 6 very successful shows. Whit has collectors that return to his openings in order to be the "first in line" to purchase. This up and coming artist is certainly "one to watch". 


Kevin | VP of Being Good Boy

A showroom staple and small town icon.