Make An Offer FAQ's



Q. What is Make An Offer?

A. It's a new functionality we added to our site so that you can offer to pay what you feel you can afford, or feel the art is worth to you.


Q. How Does it work?

A. Press the blue button on the product page for the piece you're looking at, and you'll be prompted to make a new offer.


Q. Why are you doing this?

A.  We believe in the exchange of energy and the good that comes along with that.  We love the feeling of selling a painting to someone who really loves it, and seeing how joyful they are!  And, yes, we love selling's our business.


Q. Will my offer be automatically accepted?

A.  Some offers are automatically accepted, and some need to be OK'd by us.


Q. How will I know if my offer is accepted?

A.  You will get a notification from Offerly that will tell you if your offer has been accepted or if we have countered your offer.  Make sure to check your spam filter if you're waiting to hear back!  If your offer is accepted you'll get a one time code to use at check out that will apply the agreed upon discount.


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