Haynes’ commitment to the women and children of the Democratic Republic of Congo came after her second visit to the city of Goma in 2012.  After spending a few days with women who were waiting or healing from fistula surgery at HEAL Africa Hospital, feeling completely helpless, she vowed to use her talents to do “something” to help them.

She surrendered to this vow and began creating art that would raise the funds needed to empower local leaders and help the most vulnerable women and children.

Her first art piece for this initiative was the Wall of Courage, an 80-panel piece featuring orphan Congolese children.

Wall of Courage has toured North America from Kingston, Ontario to Beverly Hills, California, and parts in between. All the while continuing to raise money for various projects.

From there Haynes and others established a non-profit corporation called The Art of Courage. The Art of Courage is a platform for storytelling through art to create awareness, educate, advocate and raise funds to change lives.

Today, a percentage of all Haynes' sales support these projects directly, through The Art of Courage. Since its inception, the following has been accomplished:

• 140 orphaned children are being provided for with shelter, food, education, and adult care.
• A sponsorship program to support the children was created.
• 400 children are being educated at the newly constructed Jonathan Holiday School, where they pay no school fees.
• A child from each of the numerous area foster families is being educated for free.
• Infrastructure for a medical clinic was constructed in Goma.
• Infrastructure for a medical clinic was constructed on nearby Idjwi Island.
• A 6 room school is being built on Idjwi Island.
• A temporary two room school was erected and is educating 214 children for free.
• An agriculture project was started with donated farmland on Idjwi Island, growing food for the children
• A permaculture project is on the horizon that can provide abundant food resources with new growing techniques to the area
• A women’s Training Centre was founded in Goma by Cathy Cleary, providing victimized women a network and education in the trades (sewing, basket weaving, tie-dying.) 

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