Wall of Courage

Individual Wall of Courage paintings are now available to own.

For the first time ever, the individual paintings that make up the Wall of Courage are available to own in your private or corporate collection.

You have witnessed the power and have felt its profound effect. 

Now is the time to collect your Wall of Courage paintings and further assist in the fight to reduce poverty through education and healthcare. It is our plan to construct 3 new classrooms for the children in Goma, funded through the sale of these paintings.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this growing movement that creates real change for underrepresented women and children.  Some pieces have already been sold.


See available paintings below

About the Wall of Courage

Wall of Courage is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and a testimony to humankind’s disposition for benevolence. This Haynes masterpiece is the culmination of 25 years on a creative journey that has led her to witness unrelenting and overwhelming circumstances in the worlds most despairing places. The breathtaking homage to these Congolese children illuminates the dire situation faced by countless youth in our world today. The magnitude of the artwork is a declaration to our duty of upholding human dignity and continually working toward the betterment of society.

Through a series of touring exhibitions, Wall of Courage has been the impetus to raise awareness and funds in the fight to eradicate poverty through education and healthcare, in communities in and around Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2020 Wall of Courage was solicited to the prestigious UTA Artist Space in Beverly Hills, to anchor the Human Element of "Emergency on Planet Earth: In A Time Close To Now", curated by UTA Artistic Director, Arthur Lewis.

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