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About Unity

When I painted the yellow circle I liked it but did not know where to go from there. I did some research and found nostalgic images of the superhero The Flash in front of a big yellow circle.  And then I came across the flag of Zaire.  Zaire was once the name for the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was a green field with a big yellow circle, and an arm carrying a torch. It suddenly became clear as to where this piece was meant to go. The past, present and future are all represented in this piece, with Zaire’s flag, DRC’s flag below it, and the solution to a better life: Equality through UNITY.

  • Mixed media
  • 42" x 60"

About The Transcenders: A Vision Superior to 20/20 series

The most commercially successful superhero stories often feature men as their lead. It's an image of power that is rarely extended to women. This idea has been perpetuated throughout the media for centuries.⁠

The imagery of paper dolls represents the cultural view that girls and women are two-dimensional objects subject to the whims of others. Meanwhile, superheroes are looked to as leaders and decision-makers.

Haynes’ wanted to turn these ideas around and place young girls in positions of leadership. By painting them as superheroes it celebrates the power within them to shift the culture and the society they have been born into.⁠ Like all women of today, they seek equality and the need to be seen for all they are. Haynes’ intent is for the viewer to feel her power, her confidence and to recognize her birthright; her human right.

The young girls in this series are from the Tchukudu Kids Home in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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