Heather Haynes

The Unknown Saint

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Mixed media on canvas
60" x 60"

About The Unknown Saint

The Unknown Saint was inspired by an image I took on my 2015 trip to the DRC. I was visiting the Tchukudu Kids Home, documenting the building of the Jonathan Holiday School and travelling to Idjwi Island for the first time. During this trip, I was taking photos for my work and being filmed to create a documentary (Beyond the Wall) that could accompany my Wall of Courage (80 painting installation) which was in its final stages of completion.

While out taking photos, I captured a picture of the most beautiful little girl. I have fallen into her gaze over the years. I felt it time to create a proper tribute to this unknown girl who has so captivated my heart with her hauntingly strong gaze. What was she thinking? Where is she now? What kind of life can be expected for her growing up in the slums of Goma? Does she have a mother, a father? Is she still alive? These are the questions I ask myself each time I look at this painting.

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