Heather Haynes Gallery

The Tug Of War V


Mixed media on 6 canvas panels
180" x 72
This piece is an amazing image of strength, power and above all else, joy. These are some of the young women of the Tchukudu Children, for whom we raise funds to help support in Goma, DR Congo. The Tchukudu Kids are a group of 140 orphans that have been directly affected by the ongoing violence in and around the North Kivu region of DR Congo. The children are all being cared for, housed, educated and loved. This larger scale piece was created as a counterpoint piece to Wall of Courage, in that it shows the joy and resilience of the human spirit and how these young people who have suffered so intensely, can still rejoice in the simple pleasure of play.  

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will be donated directly to help support the Tchukudu Children in DR Congo.

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