Is This The Big Plan?

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Mixed media on canvas 

Urban art!  Way back before Coronavirus upset our global apple cart, we were being inundated with gender, social and economic inequalities.  I just thought it was all such bullshit.  It stoked the inner fire in me and I began spewing my thoughts onto my canvases.  It was spontaneous and raw.  The world could possibly benefit from female leadership, couldn't it?  At least let's try? A lot of what I see doesn't feel like it's working right now.  Is this the big plan for all of us?

For years I have wanted to create work without using a subject as the primary focus.  I finally did it.  I love it.  More to come...
90" x 72" 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will go directly to help the women and children of DR Congo.