A Call to Empower the Innocent Feminine XII

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This series is dedicated to the long-held understanding "If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.” This is also true for empowerment. The only way for our world to recover environmentally, economically and socially, is to support, empower, and educate young girls. We know this to be true, yet females continue to face inequality, violence and fear, especially in developing countries.

Most of the girls depicted in this series are orphans who are living under the care of the Tchukudu Kids Home that I have been raising funds to support for the last 8 years. The layers of imagery are in conflict with each other, creating an uneasy celebration of powerful femininity amongst masculine violence and fear.

30% of the proceeds from this painting will go directly to the Tchukudu Kids Home. There are currently 140 children being provided with shelter, education, nutrition, and love under the umbrella of the Tchukudu Kids Home. For more about the Tchukudu Kids Home see here.

  • Mixed media
  • 9"x12"
  • Liquid glass finish
  • 30% of all proceeds go directly to the Tchukudu Kids Home