Tree Dwelling

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Mixed Media
30" x 40"

About the Series

Nearly 18 years ago I was painting alone in my studio space. I was at the point of great discovery in my art process, so much time ahead for me creatively... I felt less pressure then. During this evening, I felt the presence of my late Grandfather hovering behind me. In this moment, I painted black spray paint over a lace fabric stencil onto a yellow canvas… what appeared before me was a line of trees descending off into the background. I knew at that very moment I had connected to something beautiful.

The tree series brought me great success in the studio and helped me create a name as an artist. The beauty of the trees was never lost on me however, I wanted to continue to grow and push myself. I wanted to find my way through to new styles, new meanings and ultimate creative truth so I began to paint the trees less and less.

But as always, life twists in ways we can't predict. Two weeks ago I felt the presence of my grandfather once again… he kind of laughed and said “this is the gift that allows you to follow all your creative desires and it works with you in order to provide purpose in the world.” Jokes on me! So I began painting the trees again from my heart space, directed from my studio guardian angel Grandpa “King”. I hope you enjoy xo